Buddy Guy

„Funny thing about the blues: you play ‘em cause you got ‘em.  But when youi play ‘em, you lose ‘em. If you hear ‘em – if you let the music get into your soul – you also lose ‘em. The blues chase the blues away. The true blues feeling is so strong that you forget everything else – even your own blues.“ Buddy Guy, im Vorwort seiner Autobiografie „When I Left Home“

when i left home

first time i met the blues

messin‘ with the kid

born to play guitar

cut you loose

cut you loose

don’t leave me

let me love you baby

„I’m believing that the blues makes life better wherever it goes – and I’ll tell you why:  even when the blues is sad, it turns your sadness to joy. And ain’t that a beautiful thing?“ Buddy Guy, letzte Zeile seiner Autobiografie „When I Left Home“